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14 Sep 2017

A Physical Therapist's Guide How to Stretch & Mobilize

Category: Tutorials
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A Physical Therapist's Guide How to Stretch & Mobilize
A Physical Therapist's Guide How to Stretch & Mobilize
A Physical Therapist's Guide: How to Stretch & Mobilize
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Improve your Flexability with Stretching, Learn HOW to stretch, WHY you should/SHOUDN'T, & WHEN. 21+ video demonstations


As a physical therapist, I work with thousands of people who need help with stretching, mobility, and dysfunctional joints. I've created thousands of home exercise programs for people since I graduated with my Master's in Physical Therapy as well as becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

My name is Nick Helton The TravelPhysio, and I hope to be your instructor! I work full time as a physical therapist in an orthopedic setting.

Join the over 7,000 students who have already enrolled in one Nick's courses!

I created this course because I want to achieve 4 main objectives:

WHY should or shouldn't you stretch - This question comes up ALL the time. Do I need to stretch? What kind of benefit can stretching provide for me? Take this course, and I'll walk you through if you should or shouldn't stretch.
WHEN should you stretch - I get asked this all the time as well. What's the proper amount of time to stretch for? Should I stretch before or after or during a workout? Does the timing matter? Take this course, and I'll walk you through when you should stretch and for how long.
HOW do I stretch - This one is simple. I've created 21+ videos (more to be added based on request) that will walk you though HOW to perform a stretch, as well as stretching for major muscle groups in the body. The great thing about the videos is you can re-watch them anytime you need to! They are available to you for life! That way, any time you want to try them you have access. You can watch them on your mobile device or on your computer at home.
And finally, the reason I created this course is to help YOU move. OneBetter Movement is all about helping people move. I created this course to try to help as many people as I can move better. I put hours of editing and video creation into this course. I hope you get value out of it, and I hope that you like it enough to enroll in some of my other courses!
This Course is for you if...

You've ever wanted to increase your flexibility
You want to know how to stretch major muscle groups of the body
You want to learn the difference between flexibility and mobility
Here's a breakdown of what you're going to learn:

Stretching: Defined
Learn the 4 Types of Stretching
Stretching vs Mobility: What's the Difference
A Bonus Course Preview!
What is the best amount of time to stretch?
When should I stretch?
Is Stretching a Warm Up?
Can Stretching Help pain?
When to NOT stretch!
Simple Anatomy: Complex Topics made Easy
Video Library of Stretching!
BONUS #2: Video Review of the BEST Equipment to help you Stretch/Perform/Improve Range of Motion
In this course, I'm also going to give you Video Demonstrations on how to stretch, with over 21+ videos (AND more to come) including:

How to Stretch your Hamstrings
How to Stretch your Adductors - Version 1 + 2
How to Stretch your IT Band
How to Stretch your Quads
How to Stretch your Calf (gastrocnemius)
How to Stretch your Anterior Tibialis
How to Stretch your Glutes (gluteus maximus)
How to Stretch your Piriformis
How to Mobilize your Hip Internal and External Rotation
How to Stretch your Rotator Cuff - Internal Rotation
How to Stretch your Forearm Flexors - Version 1 + 2
How to Stretch your Forearm Extensors - Version 1 + 2
How to Stretch your Triceps
How to Stretch your Upper Traps (Neck)
How to Stretch your SCM (SternoCleidoMastoid)
How to Stretch your Levator Scapula
How to Perform a Full Spine Stretch
How to Perform a Prone Lumbar Extension (Prone Cobra)
How to Perform Lower Trunk Rotations
How to Perform Upper Trunk Rotations
I've also included videos on simple Anatomy to help you understand the basics of what I'm going over. By no means is it comprehensive on all anatomy (Maybe more in part 2!) but I want you to have a basic fundamental idea of what I'm going over and how I am addressing these drills.

I made this course for people to achieve a baseline understanding of stretching, mobility, and beginner level activity. I will be releasing a mega course focusing on advanced concepts in stretching, mobility, posture, and range of motion of all joints, which current students of this course will have first access to, discounts for, and also have the opportunity to obtain some special bonus content!

Remember that you can use the discussion portion of this course to ask questions, suggest/request exercises and stretches, as well as to interact with me. I am also available for questions and post tips/free content on Instagram TravelPhysio.

A Physical Therapist's Guide How to Stretch & Mobilize

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iDATA Free Downloads
A Physical Therapist's Guide How to Stretch & Mobilize

iDATA Free DownloadsA Physical Therapist's Guide How to Stretch & Mobilize

A Physical Therapist's Guide How to Stretch & Mobilize Full Download

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